Pure Vanilla Server Rules


  1. Be respectful and cool towards other players!
  2. A player should not argue or get involved in a heated discussion with any staff member
  3. Players who continuously acts disrespectfully or does not obey the staff may be banned
  4. No impersonating other players


  1. Chat language is English
  2. No swearing, let’s keep the chat nice and respectful!
  3. No spamming, advertising or full caps messages
  4. No inappropriate username containing words deemed inappropriate by the Staff Member (use common sense)
  5. No heated discussions in public chat (e.g. politics, religion, sexual matters)
  6. A player must not discuss banned players, hacked clients, Bukkit Servers, or any substantial material related to Servers other than Pure Vanilla.


  1. No hacking allowed (e.g. flying, super-jumping, alternative gaming environment)
  2. Threatening to extort, crash or harm this server on any way is not allowed
  3. Any form of exploitation, glitches, or hacking, scripting will NOT be tolerated. This includes finding ways around limitations set around either spawn or world border
  4. PureVanilla is 100% vanilla server à no mods allowed (except: Optifine, but no X-Ray)
  5. If a staff member believes that player is using an X-ray à player and IP will be permanently banned
  6. Griefing and raiding is allowed.
  7. No inducing of excessive lag (e.g. breeding large number of animals, huge numbers of entities, idling at a non-kill mob grinder)
  8. The staff reserves the right to alter and modify the rules if needed.


A player who disobeys any of these rules above may be kicked or banned from this server.

For questions contact the Staff members (Insects_Drums,Jipvicous,qmode,mjay01)

Have fun!