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IGN: monobing
By monobing » 10 months ago

I've been looking for a server likethis for a while. Lots of nice people and a good enviroment. I want to have some experience working on a Vanilla Server as a Mod, Builder, or even Helper. Im 14 going on to 15 and still playing a bit of Minecraft (lmao). I would be on almost everyday and would help back up the rules of this server. I've had experience on multiple servers including

~minecraft 3

~unturned 2

~arma3 1

~garry's mod 2

and more. I'd like to have fun with everybody and help some people out.

Thank you for considering my application.


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IGN: jipvicious
By jipvicious » 10 months ago

First of all, I have never seen you online. If you want to become a moderator you have to be an active gamer on the server and maybe then in the future we will consider u as an applicant. Thank you for your interest. See u soon on our server!