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IGN: Arrixuz
By Arrixuz » about 1 year ago

Hello everybody,

I'm playing on this server since a week and I'm enjoying it very much. But still, there's something I don't really understand.

One of the rules of this server is that griefing and raiding is allowed. Good, no problem I thought at the first moment but then I realised this was vanilla.

What is the point of making a base and everything around it if it could be destroyed within one minute? You can't defend yourself while you're offline, because every block can be broken by everybody. Imagine if I make a big wall: Useless, one pickaxe and they are in my base, stealing all my stuff and I can restart the server.

Just having the luck of finding a base is good enough to become rich. The only solution I can see is making a full underground base, but that's against the idea of vanilla survival. All we want to do is make nice building, pvp with each other and have a good time. Raiding / griefing should not be allowed or only when the owners of the base are online.

What do you guys think about this situation?

Greetz, Arrixuz!


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IGN: Hi_Mister
By Hi_Mister » about 1 year ago

The thing is about this server you can make over ground bases. Since there is a low population if you put your base out 50k blocks and hide it well you can have a safe overground base. Greifing is a big part fo the game.


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IGN: Dimaba
By Dimaba » about 1 year ago

well like hi_mister said, the low population on the server (and just many groups) you can easily build a base above ground couple k from spawn (you can use tp tower to get a head start) 

and its a pure vanilla server wich means no single plugin what so ever, just basic minecraft online. and that is also one of the reasons i guess that griefing is allowed, we can't do much about it, we can't check who griefed, we can't protect it easily etc. 


but i do hope you like playing on this server and that you get some friends on to play with! 

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