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IGN: mjay01
By mjay01 » about 1 year ago

*UPDATE* Where back online! - Keep in mind, the IP changed and it can take a few hours before cached DNS records are updated.

Somewhat unexpected we are forced to move the server to a new location today. This means the server will be offline for the rest of the day. 

Hopefully we'll get things online around 21:00 (CET)

Also note: The server IP will change!!!! If you are directly connection to the IP instead of our DNS (mc.purevanilla.eu) please change this!



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IGN: pinot3512
By pinot3512 » about 1 year ago

hey could you please ban bedrockiam and MacFlames7 for inapropriate language ty. http://imgur.com/AUPPrvZ


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IGN: Dimaba
By Dimaba » about 1 year ago

deathstrike didn't grammarnazi here, but he keeps doing it to me


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