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Connect to the server with the IP mc.purevanilla.eu


Not sure if anyone will notice but server is down for some unexpected maintenance. Should be fixed in couple of hours if all goes well...

I'll post an update when its back online!

Update: And we're back!!


19 Jul 2017, 19:23 1 | 5
the worldmap is reset again

21 Apr 2017, 21:09 10 | 30

Hey guys,

As most of you know we have suffered for quite a few issues in the last couple of months raging from annoying lag to full server crashes. Also the server has already been running for quite a while now without any resets limiting some of the newer game features.

Brainstorming with some of the mods I came up with the idea of having a fresh start and I would really like to have your input!

Migration path will be as follows:

  • Per 24th of December:
  • Setting up a new server with a new and more challanging map.
  • Change from vanilla jar to spigot jar. Technically we'll no longer be a vanilla server but this offers a huge performance boost and we'll stay away from any plugins that impact gameplay.
  • Since we need a new spawn area built, the first 2 weeks everyone who likes can help building in creative mode (to prevent griefers the server will be whitelist only so you will need to apply beforehand). This period will last from christmas till the 2nd week of January.
  • After this all the builders will have their inventory reset
  • Per 7th of January:
  • Players who like can migrate their old inventory over fromt he old to the new server
  • Old server will be replaced (I'll probably keep it running for a while in read only mode)

What do you guys think? All these points are up for debate and other suggestions are welcome of course!



19 Dec 2016, 16:11 30 | 550

*UPDATE* Where back online! - Keep in mind, the IP changed and it can take a few hours before cached DNS records are updated.

Somewhat unexpected we are forced to move the server to a new location today. This means the server will be offline for the rest of the day. 

Hopefully we'll get things online around 21:00 (CET)

Also note: The server IP will change!!!! If you are directly connection to the IP instead of our DNS (mc.purevanilla.eu) please change this!


27 Sep 2016, 17:01 2 | 202

Sorry guys, server is offline due to a powershortage. We are hoping to be online soon! :) Sorry for the inconvenience.

*UPDATE* Mjay01: Power is restored and all is well again, hurray!


29 Aug 2016, 18:36 0 | 158